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What modalities are recommended to reduce hyperpigmentation after sclerotherapy? by VenaSmart


What measures are recommended after sclerotherapy to reduce hyperpigmentation?


Sclerotherapy is a technique whereupon a sclerosant chemical is injected in spider veins, reticular veins and small varicose veins to obliterate or remove these veins. This technique is used mostly to improve the cosmetic appearance of spider and reticular veins. 


There are many post sclerotherapy recommendations to help reduce post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which causes bronzing of the skin.


1) use of compression stockings after sclerotherapy for at least 2 weeks and up to 3 months


2) avoidance of sun exposure


3) pplication of creams to help avoid and clear hyperpigmentation is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of topical creams for post sclerotherapy care.


Scleroquin Plus and Sclerovase are our main line of products with proprietary formulations. 


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