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Treating Underarm Discoloration: Melapads + Melarase PM

Armpit discoloration can be a problem for any skin type. If you have developed underarm discoloration or have a genetic predisposition to underarm darkening, you may benefit from Melapads to lighten the skin in this area. Underarm discoloration is more commonly seen in darker skin types, but can occur in anyone regardless of skin complexion. Dermatologists believe the darkening is due to genetics, and chronic skin and skin contact.


The first step in improving your underarm skin discoloration is determining why you are developing the hyperpigmentation. In a small subset of patients, the discoloration is due to skin irritation, but in most cases the skin is completely normal; just pigmented.


Underarm lightening creams work well on underarm discoloration. A powerful combination treatment is Melapads Daily Exfoliating Pads + Melarase PM twice daily. It takes some time for the discoloration to improve, so be patient.


How does it work?

Whitening creams are often used to treat underarm discoloration but some products contain harmful chemicals that can permanently discolor or damage the skin. Melapads work in two ways; first by exfoliating old skin with alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and second, by lightening the skin using kojic acid. Melarase PM works with a combination of Ammonium lactate and Hydroquinone to condition pigment cells to make less pigment.