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miraDry for hyperhidrosis of the groin in Orchard Park, NY


Orchard Park, NY, home of the Buffalo Bills


The Center for Excessive Sweating is the only Center in the U.S. that performs miraDry for groin hyperhidrosis.


Groin area hyperhidrosis is a challenging area to treat with limited treatment options to date.


Historical treatments have included LUMBAR sympathectomy which has a limited role in men as it can potentially cause male dysfunction.


Oral anticholinergics have less than 30% efficacy in controlling debilitating groin hyperhidrosis.


Botox treatments are expensive and require repeat treatment with hundreds of needle sticks every 3 months.


miraDry is efficacious, effective, and improves quality of life.


Call The Center for Excessive Sweating for more information.


Hratch Karamanoukian MD FACS developed the Center for Excessive Sweating in 1999.


Dr Karamanoukian is a Platinum Plus Provider for miraDry, the only one in Western New York.


Call 716-839-3638 to schedule an appointment for consultation.