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Plato's Omega Vein Cream™is a venotropic cream available from and

Santa Monica, CA


Plato's Omega Vein Cream™ is a hydrating moisturizer that contains soothing Arnica and Horse Chestnut extracts to support vein health.


Patients with symptoms of venous insufficiency (aching leg pain, leg swelling) can also get relief from their symptoms with Plato's Omega Vein Cream™


Plato's Omega Vein Cream™ can be purchased on or


You can also pick it up at the Vein Treatment Center in Williamsville, NY (5225 Sheridan Drive) tel # 716-839-3638 or at Veins Los Angeles in Santa Monica, CA

tel # 310-998-5535


Plato's Omega Vein Cream™